Friday, September 22, 2006

Pets Make Us Crazy

We have this cat named Gus. Cutest baby ever. However, half the people in the world have no idea what his real name is because his nicknames are ever-evolving. I wrote a new friend recently about this and thought I'd write to see if anyone else has this predicament with their pet.

Gus's nickname evolution went something like this: Gustav--Gus--Leetle Mon--Leetle--Bear Cub--Cub Scout--Cubby--Coob Scoot-- Cooby. And then there were all of these funny little cheers/songs that went along with half of the names. "Leetle Mon" was inserted into a peculiar soy sauce commercial's jingle instead of the word "Kikkoman." The last four nicknames' cheers went like this: "Scout's Honor!" -- "Give a shout out to the cub scout!" -- "Give a shoot oot to the Coob Scoot!" -- "Shoot to the Coob!" Now, we are either the most bizarre people ever, or, hidden away in their homes, many people succomb to silliness around their beloved pets. Which is the case?

I have a friend named Rachel who I believe is just as pet-silly as we. This is what she wrote instead of a profile for herself on an Internet site:

"Who wants to hear about me when you can hear about the diabolical Darth Cephus! Bocephus is about 3 inches high, and inherited the name "midnight missile" because he runs back & forth from the front of the house to the back as fast as he can go over & over again [the dog is also black]. Bo runs into walls, chews on Tony's dip, and will eat ANYTHING (his favorite is onions fresh off of the grill). He has scabies or something that makes his hair fall out. He poots a lot. He doesn't have any balls but that doesn't slow him down! Bo loves to go riding in the truck. He loves taking baths and hates the guy that lives across the street [...] Bo also loves to watch tv and will play with anything or anybody that squeaks. This dog is virtually retarded, but only I can say that because if anyone else calls my babies names, I will do them bodily harm."


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Wow - so cool that I inspired a post. :)

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